AFC Fellow James Anno Featured in La Repubblica Napoli and Corriere del Mezzogiorno

Translation for the article from La Repubblica provided below the articles.

La Repubblica published 9/7/17 by Paolo de Luca


Headline: "An American arrives at the Capodimonte who is from Oklahoma City and is a new curator at the Museum"


Article: He arrived only a few days ago and already has a favorite work of art. "It's Caravaggio'sFlagellation, naturally - he [James] said with a smile - but it is difficult to pick from all of the masterpieces [at the museum]."

His name is James Anno coming from Oklahoma City of the USA, and since Monday he is a now a curator at the Capodimonte. He will work [here] for the next two years. He is 35 years old, with a degree in art history, and a PhD on Michelangelo from Washington University. Anno is a resource that the museum, directed by Sylvain Bellenger, acquired at practically zero cost. It will in fact be the "American Friends of Capodimonte" (born a year ago on the impulse of Bellenger) that provides, until 2019, his stipend and his apartment, in the Chiaia neighborhood. [The AFC] provides cultural support that characterizes the philanthropy [of the AFC] (led by Vincent Buonanno and Riccardo Muti as honorary president), which American law promotes via generous tax breaks.

Mr. Anno, what is your first assignment at the Capodimonte? 

"I work with art of the 15th and 16th centuries, but my initial task will be to provide translations of all the didactic material for the Farnese Collection, so that they can be understood by foreign visitors as well. I will then work on an exhibition."

Which exhibition? 

"For the recurrent exhibition program "The work is Explained", a special exhibition on the Last Judgment displayed in the galleries [which is] a copy of Michelangelo's fresco, executed in 1549 by the painter Marcello Venusti." 

What did Bellenger communicate to you when you began work at the Museum?

"He explained to me the importance of how the museum should always be in dialogue with its visitors. Hence the importance of translating the didactic materials. It is a great honor for me [James] to collaborate in the Capodimonte's mission, which is one of the most important places for art in the world."

Is it your first time to come to Naples?

No, I've been to Italy several times for my research and I have visited Naples three times: it is a wonderful city, and I am settling in easily."