Journey to Naples

Naples is the last vestige of Old Europe. Cafés are full on Monday evenings. Family and friends gather in the streets from morning till night. Children toss confetti in the piazzas. Young artists hone their craft copying antique sculpture at the Academy. Musty used bookshops line the alleys of the university quarter. Laundry sways from the balconies of every apartment. If you don’t know Naples, you don’t know Europe.

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American friends of capodimonte Program

The American Friends of Capodimonte will travel to Naples this summer for a week of art, gardens, and food. Capodimonte Director Sylvain Bellenger will welcome us for private dinners at the museum and the Royal Park and give us an exclusive tour of the museum’s Caravaggio exhibition. We will receive privileged access to private art collections, historic palazzi, and major cultural sites like Pompeii and the Mortella gardens of Ischia. Everyday will reveal a new cultural and culinary side to Italy’s best kept secret.


2019 Itinerary

For detailed information view or download the full itinerary for the American Friends of Capodimonte Journey to Napl

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Practical information

Dates: Sunday, June 16th — Saturday, June 22nd 2019

Accommodation will be at the Hotel Excelsior along Naples’s magnificent waterfront.

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