Sylvain Bellenger is the Director of the Museum and Royal Park of Capodimonte since 2015 and works closely with the AFC. 

After studying at the Sorbonne, Bellenger visited the museum in 1980 as a young philosophy professor. His visit to Capodimonte inspired him to become an art historian. Prior to Bellenger's appointment at Capodimonte, he was the Art Institute of Chicago’s Curator of Medieval to Modern European Painting and Sculpture. He was also curator at the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Institut National de l’Histoire de l’Art in Paris.

During his tenure, Bellenger has opened previously closed galleries of the museum to the public and mounted successful exhibitions on Picasso and Caravaggio. He has also launched robust exhibition programming exploring museum methodology, bringing hundreds of works out of the storerooms, inviting public intellectuals to curate shows, and exhibiting contemporary artists side-by-side with established masters. Bellenger is also leading a multimillion euro restoration of the Royal Park of Capodimonte and its 17 historic buildings, transforming Italy’s largest urban park into a veritable cultural campus.